Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recycled Magazine Vase

I was recently going through the giant stack of magazines that had piled in the corner of my bedroom over the years, sorting them out to recycle the unwanted ones. I then decided to not just toss them into the blue bin outside but to create something from them. What's better to make than a magazine vase?!?

What you'll need:
-hot glue gun

I don't have photos for every step, unfortunately, but the instructions will most likely suffice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Rip out pages from an ordinary sized magazine. (The bigger your project, the more pages you'll need.) Cut these pages into 3 inch wide strips.

Fold the strips twice lengthwise, (or how we classy people might call "hotdog-wise.") You can fold an abundant amount before actually beginning to roll them into the vase, but I like to fold them one by one after rolling one.

Start by rolling one strip tightly, hot gluing the strip to stay put as you go. Once finished, get another folded strip and hot glue one end to the edge of the last strip. Again, roll around tightly and hot glue as you go.

Continue this until you are satisfied with the size of what is the base of your vase.

Once pleased with the size, you can begin to add the first shape into the vase! (How exciting, right!?! Hehe.) Simply continue the same pattern of rolling strips, but instead of keeping them aligned, begin to roll the strips in an upward swirl, making a bowl or cup shape. Basically, just make sure the end of the strip is always elevated more than the previous strip.

Now from here, it depends on what shape you want your vase to be. In fact, you can even continue the upward swirl technique and make a bowl! Go wild!

You can play with the shape. You can make tighter swirls or align the strips to make them go straight out again, (like the base.)

Additionally, if you would like to make the shape go inward, simply wrap the strips from the inside instead of outside.

Have fun and let your creativity shine!

ALSO... If you'd like to know how to make the poofy flowers, just ask me! :] I just might make another post for them.


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  2. I had a question about whether you used any glue, but then I saw that you did. Pretty nice! Keep it up... very creative!